Married first is a actuality series under couples in a radical public experiment about marital relationship and human relationships. The present combines the very best of the reality TV genre, including an excruciatingly lavish honeymoon and an eight-week period where the bride and groom live with each other and try to build a bond seeing that couple.

At the end of this eight weeks, each couple gets to make a decision about whether they prefer to stay wedded or get a divorce. While many for the pairs about MAFS appear to struggle inside their new wedded lives, there are some who have was able to defy the odds and keep their relationships intact.

Amani Smith and Woody Randall

Though they didn’t start out the relationship till halfway through the try things out, Amani and Woody quickly fell in love with each other and have never looked back. They are now parents and still have no plans of breaking up.

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman

Although they decided to stay betrothed on “Decision Moment, ” Katie and Derek found themselves in critical trouble once they started their journey on “Married at First Sight. ” They had issues with communication, which triggered explosive fights that stumbled them inside the hospital.

Molly Duff and Jonathan Francetic

They weren’t the only MAFS couple exactly who couldn’t overcome serious issues. Molly and Jonathan had issues with communication that they couldn’t resolve, which in turn prompted those to split prior to six-week try things out was over.

Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Jones Buckley

Just like Molly and Jonathan, Jaclyn and Ryan thought we would stay married on “Decision Working day, ” however they could not fix their very own issues and in the end got the divorce. They’ve seeing that dated others, however relationship status is unfamiliar.