Innovation, Uniqueness & Brand awareness, mottos that Metro Couponz, a 19 year old company catering to direct marketing lives by. It has Pioneered Co-Branded products that till date have found no competition due to the diverse bouquet of services provided in the Food, Fun, Stay & Entertainment segment. The offerings are so diverse that they reach out to & directly benefit end consumers regardless of ages or ethnicity.

This experience & these offerings are combined to leverage marketability, brand awareness & most importantly brand recall, for our business partners who have successfully used our platform to enhance their businesses & reach out to their customers in a way that was not possible before. Our clients swear by our products because they have seen the recall & retention value provided by any of our products over a period of time. Every client who switches to the Metro platform has seen massive savings in Advt spend since we offer a one time investment model which advertises your brand or product 365 days a year. Not only businesses, even individual consumers who have received these offerings as part of a package from our clients have reached out to us to purchase them in smaller quantities to use as gifts during special occasions for friends & family.

Metro Couponz & its offerings are the brainchild of Oliver Stanes who has over 30 years of enriched experience in Hospitality, Real Estate, Education & Marketing. He has combined & incorporated the essences of his experience to create the unique blend of products & platforms that Metro provides today. His catch phrase “Are you ready to handle more customers” has been the driving force behind the creativity of the design team & the outreach of marketing departments. An ever increasing roster of clients both commercial & individuals are testimony to the fact & now we ask you; if you are a business new or old the time tested question,

“Are YOU ready to handle more customers?”